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  • Nexoc Notebooks
    Nexoc Notebooks

    NEXOC. GmbH was founded in August 2003 and sells notebooks and PCs under the NEXOC brand name. The products are characterised by a particularly beautiful design and high quality and are available at an attractive price-performance ratio. We spell Individuality with a capital I! Each notebook and each PC from NEXOC. can be individually configured and designed in line with customer wishes and requirements - there is no challenge - there are only solutions, and these are what NEXOC. offers!

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  • CCAP Sites
    CCAP Sites

    he Cold Chain Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CCAP) is a multisectoral grouping of companies and other professional organizations in the Philippines with the primary mission to organize the different industry sectors participating in the supply chain of both chilled and/or frozen food products and other groups operating temperature controlled product storage or distribution into a body which represents their individual and collective interests in policy making, standards setting and industry development.

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  • Billy's Hair Salon
    Billy's Hair Salon

    Billy’s Hair Salon is one of Westchester’s premier salons, conveniently located in the Village of Mount Kisco.

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  • Robertson Homes
    Robertson Homes

    Robertson Homes build and sell award winning, luxurious new family homes across Scotland and North East England.

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  • Ekzaga

    Ekzaga is a cryptocurrency exchange directory, forex broker directory, and marketplace that connects tutors and students of how to use trading instruments.

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  • Velotraum

    Bicycle manufacturer from South Germany. The website tells stories and shows the endless configuration possibilities of Velotraum bikes.

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  • PK Terveys
    PK Terveys

    PK Terveys offers high-quality health services for private and business customers. Includes doctors and nurses’ receptions, occupational health services, psychology and psychotherapy services, X-ray and ultrasound imaging, and laboratory services.

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  • e.GO Mobile AG
    e.GO Mobile AG

    Electric cars that are fun, practical and affordable. The new e.GO Life combines maximum driving experience with convenient usefulness in an unprecedented fashion. The car has been purpose-designed as a compact, lively electric car - proving that electric vehicles without trade-offs or surcharges are possible. The new e.GO Life - as agile as a sports car and as practical as a compact car!

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  • Patina — Unikate für den Alltag
    Patina — Unikate für den Alltag

    Beautiful vintage furniture store in Wuppertal, Germany

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  • Captiva Power
    Captiva Power

    High Quality Power since 1995! CAPTIVA GmbH was founded in 1995 and began selling graphics cards under its own CAPTIVA® label. Meanwhile, their portfolio includes modern Tablet PCs in a large selection with the right accessories, individually configurable PCs with extremely high quality standards and external hard drives. Since 2007, CAPTIVA® has been manufacturing complete PCs in the so-called built-to-order (BTO) process. Captiva builds your new PC exactly according to your requirements and wishes.

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