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  • HyperOff

    This is the site of my business. I sell hosting, domain names in Russia. I wanted to quickly make a website and use ProcessWire. Two nights and the site is ready. I also used the nette forms, the tracy debugger. Easy api, the choice was justified.

    Made by: IvanSCM Categories: Business to Consumer, Business to Business, Corporate, Software Industry Date Added: 2018/09/21

  • Pigtail Pundits
    Pigtail Pundits

    Pigtail Pundits is a digital marketing agency from Mumbai, with international clients. We divine online nirvana for brands blessed with good karma. Our objective is to develop elegant, results-driven solutions in Digital Marketing. The new website has been designed in Processiwre.

    Made by: Krishna Unni Categories: Business to Business, Blog, Responsive Design, Design Industry Date Added: 2018/09/14

  • dialogthurgau

    Onepage Website for vote in swizerland

    Made by: nowagentur Categories: Business to Business, Financial Industry Date Added: 2018/09/14

  • EMAK Refining & Recycling Systems
    EMAK Refining & Recycling Systems

    EMAKMAKINA provides Refining & Recycling solutions for Precious Metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Also building facilities for E-waste Recycling and precious metal mining and catalytic converter recycling. Client picked a template and I customized it and site is 100% manageable by Processwire.

    Made by: Yetkin Degirmenci Categories: Business to Business, Engineering, Corporate, Science and Technology Date Added: 2018/08/31

  • Centura

    Centura is a leading Canadian distributor of floor and wall coverings. Seven administrative regions with different prices, four user profiles with different privileges, daily synchronization with an inventory system, an ElasticSearch search and a concern for speed, these are the main challenges in developing this site. And of course responsive. This is a "soft launch". A lot of new features to come.

    Made by: Spiria Categories: Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Construction, Home and Garden Date Added: 2018/08/17

  • Engfer Consulting
    Engfer Consulting

    A website for a consulting firm in cologne, featuring a job board, a news feed and some custom pages. Built with ProcessWire 3, Bootstrap 4 and ?

    Made by: schwarzdesign Categories: Corporate, Business to Business Date Added: 2018/08/17

  • Webwork Manufaktur
    Webwork Manufaktur

    Webwork Manufaktur is a German based agency for webdesign and web developement. As PW is our favorite CMS of course our own site is based on PW.

    Made by: Webwork Manufaktur Categories: Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Design Industry Date Added: 2018/06/15

  • SOTEC GmbH
    SOTEC GmbH

    SOTEC is a medium-sized IT company providing software and hardware solutions based in Laudenbach, Germany. The website is a classical B2B website containing company’s news, information and job offers.

    Made by: camalot Categories: Business to Business Date Added: 2018/06/08


    GRAPH is a boutique strategy consulting firm that supports leading global corporations and private equity firms to acquire and build stronger businesses.

    Made by: Catalone Design + dev by Ryan Cramer Categories: Business to Business, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/05/11

  • Nexoc Notebooks
    Nexoc Notebooks

    NEXOC. GmbH was founded in August 2003 and sells notebooks and PCs under the NEXOC brand name. The products are characterised by a particularly beautiful design and high quality and are available at an attractive price-performance ratio. We spell Individuality with a capital I! Each notebook and each PC from NEXOC. can be individually configured and designed in line with customer wishes and requirements - there is no challenge - there are only solutions, and these are what NEXOC. offers!

    Made by: Maximilian Ehrhardt Categories: Business to Consumer, Business to Business, Science and Technology, Multi-language, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/05/11