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  • Nachhaltigkeit am Bau
    Nachhaltigkeit am Bau

    We advise building authorities on the definition of verifiable goals for sustainable construction. The goal can be an established certification system, or tailor-made goals can be developed.

    Made by: Patrick Pandolfo Categories: Architecture, Responsive Design, Engineering Date Added: 2017/05/22

  • Freisign

    Site for a German Landscape Architecture Studio.

    Made by: ED Design Categories: Architecture, Business to Business, Design Industry Date Added: 2017/02/10

  • Parliament book
    Parliament book

    Website for the Parliament book project that offers 360 degrees views of the interiors of many parliaments around the world. Uses a combination of ProcessWire and an Ember.js application that consumes a JSON API.

    Made by: Eerens+Gadiot Categories: Architecture, Design Industry, Government, Real Estate Date Added: 2017/01/06


    Fabrica Capital is a property investment management platform defining a new model within our industry. This site was created using Processwire, built by Ben Byford and designed by Charlie Crook.

    Made by: Ben Byford Categories: Architecture, Corporate, Real Estate Date Added: 2017/01/06

  • Fabricius

    Fabricius is a new building thats being built in Hamburg (Germany), that offers modern living comfort in a green environment. The website is build with PW 3.0 and uses Modules like Map Marker, Pages2PDF (to generate the apartment exposes) and MarkupSrcSet.

    Made by: Jan Ploch — Büro für Grafikdesign Categories: Architecture, Real Estate, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/10/28

  • Langenbachhof

    Amidst the mountainous Black Forest landscape lies the Langenbachhof, a traditional farmhouse that, after decades of neglect, has undergone a meticulous and profound transformation back to its original state. Deliberately simple and ascetic, the new old Langenbachhof is not your regular weekend getaway.

    Made by: designconcepts GmbH Categories: Hotel, Travel and Vacation, Architecture, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/10/21

  • Groep Huyzentruyt, sleutel-op-de-deur woningen
    Groep Huyzentruyt, sleutel-op-de-deur woningen

    Groep Huyzentruyt, building contractor of turnkey new houses, makes living and constructing individual, easy and accessible to everyone. Modern flat design, fully responsive and multilingual website.

    Made by: Groep Huyzentruyt Categories: Construction, Real Estate, Architecture, Multi-language Date Added: 2016/10/21

  • Lilystone

    Builders & developers of aspirational new homes & housing developments. The company also refurbish and renovate properties, build extensions, and undertake any type of construction project, big or small, for domestic and commercial clients.

    Made by: Paul Sivers Categories: Architecture, Construction, Home and Garden, Real Estate, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/08/27

  • SteynStudio

    An honest, curious and considered architectural studio; designing spaces for people. Inspired by all that surrounds us, our designs are as practical and resourceful as they are creative and beautiful.

    Made by: Ben Byford Categories: Architecture, Design Industry Date Added: 2016/07/29

  • Guy Hollaway Architects
    Guy Hollaway Architects

    We developed a striking image-rich website for a renowned architects with offices in Kent and London.

    Made by: PROGRESS Categories: Architecture Date Added: 2016/07/01