This is a Page Reference field using the Page Autocomplete input

In this video, some of the tags we type match up with an existing one and some don't. When they don't, we simply hit enter and it adds it as a new one. This is especially handy if you are using a Page Reference field for something like tags or other selectable items that need to accept easy additions. 

How to set it up

See the screenshot below to see how this particular field in the video was configured. Or, here's a description: To enable your autocomplete to add pages, edit your Page reference field. On the details tab, the multiple pages option should be selected. On the input tab, under Selectable Pages, make sure you have both a parent and template selected. Then check the box near the bottom that says "allow new pages to be created from field?". Save

You can also add new pages from any of the other input types, but those appear as a separate entry box below the page selection input. What makes the Page Autocomplete different from the rest is that you can add the pages from the same input that you select them from. It makes sense here given that you are already typing what you want. 

Note that the Page Autocomplete fieldtype is not installed by default. However, it does come with ProcessWire. To install it, go to Modules > Inputfield > and click install for Page Autocomplete.

Here's a screenshot of how the field in the video was configured (under Setup > Fields > any Page field > Input). 


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