• Nickey

    Nickey 8 years ago 32

    This is really interesting - going to test it on a project and report back on it. Seems insanely easy to use compared to other CMS products

  • joe

    joe 8 years ago 32

    Very interesting. I'm going to be playing around with this on my local system.

  • Tejinder Singh

    Tejinder Singh 8 years ago 22

    Nice Good CMS one, some updates which i found missing in are

    - Adding Flash Content

    - Adding Video modules

    - Adding Audio modules

    - Adding Picture Gallery

    what i feel missing i say... hope u will update in future.

  • Ryan Cramer

    Ryan Cramer 8 years ago 32

    Tejinder: The system is built to do all of the items you mentioned, using the File and Image fieldtypes. But you have to tell it what to do and write the markup. Wordpress and Drupal are better solutions for instances where you want to have pre-built widgets that create their own markup. Whereas ProcessWire is better when you want to manage the output and have the CMS manage the content. If you want to do something specific, post your need in the forum and we'll tell you how to make it happen.

  • Carlos

    Carlos 8 years ago 22

    Looks really promising

  • Jarjis

    Jarjis 8 years ago 22

    nice. I would sugesst adding workflow process which will allow authors and reviews to review content before going live.

  • A Reviewer

    A Reviewer 8 years ago 22

    After watching the overview demo. I just wanted to say awesome! I can't imagine how much time you have put into this project. The architecture and the structure can't be easier than this and often the easiest interface takes much more time and planning to complete. If anyone hasn't let you know yet, because of you we have more time to play and less time to work. Thanks a lot for the great CMS.

  • John Flower

    John Flower 8 years ago 32

    A Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal killer? Just uploaded locally. One of the easiest installs ever, and the back office seems to be super easy to use. This thing is going places. Thanks. It's beautiful.

  • Lance Say

    Lance Say 8 years ago 22

    I have been searching something like this for a long while and here it is. Thank you so very much and I will test it out in the next few weeks.

  • Grant Gibson

    Grant Gibson 8 years ago 22

    I downloaded your lovely new CMS onto my local server last night. Easy and quick install! I am probably a 4 out of ten as a webguru type but after spending time in the admin panel and viewing some of your help videos as aid I believe this is what I have been looking for as an addition to my few cms choices. Thank you for your hard work in developing such an art piece of software! I building a site as we speak...



  • Jerry Lee

    Jerry Lee 8 years ago 22

    I am impressed by what I have seen in the video. Obviously some time has been put into this system. I am looking forward to using it.

  • Gaurav

    Gaurav 8 years ago 22

    Thanks for Processwire. Truly markup agnostic content management.

    Fieldtypes. Cache. Drag and Drop Admin.

    Bravo. What a beauty. Love it.

  • SAmie

    SAmie 7 years ago 22

    Waiting for something like this for a longtime.. Cheers guys.. you rock..

  • Paulo

    Paulo 7 years ago 22

    What a nice work you have there! I`ll test it in my new website.. cheers from Brazil!

  • Winston

    Winston 7 years ago 22

    I love the powerful, minimal philosophy behind Process Wire.

    Thanks for making this, Ryan!

    Also, the video clearly shows what makes PW effective, and your enthusiasm is great!

  • Jonathan Lahijani

    Jonathan Lahijani 7 years ago 32

    This is the CMS of my dreams!

  • Doug

    Doug 6 years ago 22

    Installed PW last night and I am truly impressed! Quite smitten with it, frankly.

    Can't wait to build some sites with it.

    Congrats to you, Ryan, and to the whole PW community :)

  • Victor

    Victor 6 years ago 32

    Simply awesome! Seems easy to use for developers and customers, thanks!

  • Kustcom

    Kustcom 4 years ago 32

    This looks great, can't wait to test it out thoroughly. Powerful yet simple, love it.

  • Jason

    Jason 4 years ago 32

    I didn't realise you can have access control on a template for logins etc, amazing! I'm from a Wordpress background and loving the flexibility of Processwire. Looking into how i can use this as a more advanced, flexible replacement for Wordpress.

    Using Template files as controllers for a more complex application is also interesting!

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