Tina Holly from Tinacious Design demonstrates managing her portfolio site with ProcessWire. This comprehensive video effectively covers many aspects of managing content in ProcessWire. 

“As a web designer and developer, I like to build useful websites and productivity tools. Here is a screencast of me updating my custom-developed portfolio website powered by the ProcessWire content management system. The portfolio item I am adding is a web app I developed to help teachers plan their lessons faster called Tinacious Teaching. It is designed to make teachers' lives easier by aiding in the creation, storage and organization of lesson plans. The video is a bit long, especially the image uploading part, but it takes only 5 minutes to upload a portfolio item into a fully custom portfolio website. No messing around in code or uploading via FTP, just login through the browser and drag-and-drop (in supported modern browsers Chrome and Firefox).” 
–Tina Holly / Tinacious Design


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