Download ZIP file

Please see the installation instructions if installing ProcessWire for the first time. Please see the upgrade instructions if already running a Previous version of ProcessWire. Both of these are included in the README file bundled with ProcessWire.

ProcessWire on GitHub

ProcessWire 2.7 at GitHub (master / dev)
View, clone, fork or download the latest ProcessWire version and/or source code at GitHub.

ProcessWire 3.0 at GitHub
The next major version of ProcessWire, currently in testing and development.

Other ways to install ProcessWire
Accessing the URL will always download the latest master version (ZIP), and will load our GitHub page.

Soma’s Online Installer
Yet another way to install ProcessWire is to use Soma's online installer. To use it, place this grabpw.php file to your web server, and then load it in your browser. It will download ProcessWire (master) automatically and begin the installation process. Note that this technique may not work in all server environments.

ProcessWire at Softaculous and AMPPS
Softaculous is an auto-installer that many web hosts (like ServInt) already have available to you as well. AMPPS is a MAMP/WAMP/LAMP that includes Softaculous for your own installation.

ProcessWire at Bitnami
The Bitnami ProcessWire Stack provides a one-click install solution for ProcessWire. Download installers and virtual machines or run your own ProcessWire server in the cloud. This includes options for an installable version complete with web server (for Windows, OS X or Linux), a virtual machine for VMware or VirtualBox, or a free cloud server powered by Amazon, Azure and other providers.

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