Host Specific Installation

As long as the requriements for ProcessWire are met, it will install happily on the vast number of hosts.

If you do have issues with any particular hosts that require interesting (or boring) solutions, please let us know in the forums.

We can then post common problems on this page for others.

Virtualmin - default configuration

If you are using Virtualmin-webmin on a server, then you may need to comment out the FollowSymlinks line on the htaccess file during or before installation. Otherwise you may encounter a 500 error.

Options -Indexes
# Options +FollowSymLinks
# Options +SymLinksifOwnerMatch

  1. Installation, Moving and Troubleshooting
  2. Pre-installation checks and tasks
  3. Basic Installation
  4. Installing with a third party Profile
  5. Moving a Site
  6. Troubleshooting installations
  7. Host Specific Installation