Troubleshooting installations

ProcessWire will rarely cause you any problems during installtion but there can be differences between servers that can create issues.

Please ensure that your server installtion conforms with our recommended minimum requirements at the top of this tutorial before going any further.

Internal Server Error

The most common installation issues involve the htaccess file where a 500 internal server error occurs.

Please look at this tutorial by Nico Knoll to see common problems.


Intallation errors will also occur if the installation is corrupt or the file permissions are wrong.

If nothing else is working, remove your failed installation and upload a fresh copy.

Check with your hosting provider for the correct file permissions and correct if needed.


If the installation fails at the database stage, please check that you have entered the correct dbname, dbuser and db password. It may also be worth checking that the empty database actually exists or that you are pointing at the correct server - some hosts use specific addresses for their databases that are other than the default local host. The port number may also need to be changed.

Post Installation Problems

Two common additional problems are also coverd by Nico's tutorial:

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