Installing with a third party Profile

Profiles are generated from an existing ProcessWire site and include all the database information for that site, plus all the templates, template files, fields and data that make up that site. However, since they are intended as part of a new install, they do not contain any user data. (Please see the section on moving a site for information on moving an entire site including all user data).

To create a profile, you must first install the profile exporter module. Details can be found here and are not covered in this guide.

Installation or a third party or your own profile is exactly as for a basic install, however, the profile files need to be added first.

Download a copy of ProcessWire and extract the contents as for a basic install.

Remove these directories


Leaven the /site-default/ directory, but replace the 4 folders inside the directory with the ones from the alternate profile


Note: Depending on the profile, some extra directories may need to be added - please see any documentation that comes with the new profile.

Proceed with the installation as normal.

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