ProcessWire Tutorials

Learn how to use ProcessWire with these step-by-step guides.

A Beginner’s Guide To ProcessWire
Beginner  By Francesco Schwarz
The Aesthetic Of Non-Opinionated Content Management. Published at Smashing Magazine.

How to install and setup ProcessWire CMS
Beginner  By Ben Byford
This is a beginner’s guide and introduction to ProcessWire located at Envato Tuts+.

Hello Worlds!
Beginner  By Ryan Cramer
In this tutorial you will learn how to create and work with templates, fields, pages, and how to output dynamic data via your templates.

How to Develop a Processwire Theme
Beginner  By Ben Byford
Introduction to theming via template files, external tutorial at Envato Tuts+.

How to Create an AJAX Driven Theme for ProcessWire
Beginner  Intermediate  By Ryan Cramer
In this tutorial we will look at setting up a simple theme in ProcessWire, we’ll investigate delayed output (now the default theme strategy within ProcessWire), and setup our site to request new content using AJAX. Published at Envato Tuts+.

A Beginner’s Introduction to Writing Modules in ProcessWire
Beginner  Intermediate  By Ben Byford
In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create and install modules, look at their requirements, and explain how to use PW hooks to add functionality to other functions within your site. Published at Envato Tuts+.

Extending the ProcessWire Admin Using Custom Modules
Intermediate  Advanced  By Ben Byford
In this tutorial we’re going to look into extending ProcessWire’s admin using custom modules. With three example modules I will give you small a taste of the power ProcessWire modules have for adding new functionality to the admin.

But what if I don't know how to code?
Beginner  By Joss Sanglier
Teaching complete novices to use PW and PHP. A series of full, educational tutorials that will take you through the very basics of ProcessWire and PHP for beginners.

Introduction to the default site profile
Beginner  By Ryan Cramer
If you’ve installed ProcessWire’s default site profile (2.5+) and want a guide on how the template files work, this is for you. This tutorial also serves as a good introduction to template files in general.

How to structure your template files
Beginner  By Ryan Cramer
How to use some of the more common strategies used by developers in structuring template files. Includes pros and cons as well as extensive examples.

Installing a CSS Framework
Beginner  By Joss Sanglier
CSS Frameworks are gaining in popularity as they can often make site design very much quicker and less prone to problems. ProcessWire can benefit from frameworks with the same ease as a static HTML website - it is just a question of how…

Creating a single template blog with Processwire and Hanna Code
Beginner  By C.C. Hogan
External tutorial at

How to use URL segments
Intermediate  By Ryan Cramer
URL segments enable your page’s template file to become a URL router or controller to act upon different URLs sent to it. Learn how to use URL segments in this tutorial.

Installation, Moving and Troubleshooting
Beginner  By Joss Sanglier

Troubleshooting Guide
Beginner  By Nico Knoll
These guide aims to solve the most common questions / problems with ProcessWire. (It’s a really short guide because there just aren’t a lot.)

Galleries - Short and long
Beginner  By Joss Sanglier
The shortest and most basic gallery tutorial I could think of and later, a much more complicated one.

Simple Website Tutorials
Intermediate  By Joss Sanglier
A walkthrough tutorial to start you working with ProcessWire. This is aimed at users with reasonable HTML and CSS skills and some understanding of PHP.

Using custom page types in ProcessWire
Advanced  By Benjamin Milde
A look at some lesser known advanced techniques that enable you to introduce new conveniences by creating custom page types.

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