ProcessWire comes with the option to use database-driven sessions, but it is not turned on by default. However, in a shared environment, database-driven sessions offer potentially better security since the session information is not stored on the file system.

To enable database-driven sessions, login to your admin and go to Modules > Core > Session > Session Handler Database. Click the Install button. Database-driven sessions will be enabled immediately, which means you are immediately logged out. Simply log back in, and your system is now using database-driven sessions.

As a bonus, you can now monitor live traffic on your site from Setup > Sessions. If you want the information present on this screen to include IP address and/or user agent, enable these options from the Session Handler Database module configuration screen.


  • Austin

    Austin 3 years ago 50

    Are there any disadvantages to using database-driven sessions as the site scales?

  • Pete

    Pete 3 years ago 10

    I would think it would be more advantageous to use DB sessions as the site scales to be honest. Otherwise you're getting potentially hundreds of thousands or more of session files on disk in a folder rather than in the database.

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