ProcessWire 2.6.6

This week (actually, the last few weeks) we've updated ListerPro to support inline ajax editing for any page and just about any Fieldtype. After using it here this week, I have to be honest and say I think this is a pretty revolutionary new way to edit pages in ProcessWire.

This was not my idea (I always thought it would be near impossible to implement), so thanks to the people that have been requesting this feature! Not only was it possible to implement, but it's been taken a lot farther than you might think. You can do things like ajax uploads, autocomplete, and more, for example. All while having all of the existing Lister and ListerPro features at your disposal.

The ProcessWire core required several updates in order to support this, so the latest dev version is now 2.6.6 and this version is required by the latest ListerPro. Specifically, most of the core Inputfields were updated to support dynamic ajax insertion and save. The usefulness of this may go well beyond ListerPro in the future.

I'll be wrapping it up and posting to the ListerPro board later this evening (edit: now posted in the ListerPro support board). Actually, I left myself no time for writing a proper post about it. So here are a few screenshots below that help to describe what it does.


  • BernhardB

    BernhardB 3 years ago 41

    that looks absolutely amazing!!!
    and i'm curious about "The usefulness of this may go well beyond ListerPro in the future." :)
    keep up the great work and thank you for this wonderful tool :)

    • ryan

      ryan 3 years ago 81

      Thanks, glad you like it. An example of how the usefulness of this may go beyond ListerPro is that it makes it possible for us to support things like dynamically loaded tabs or fieldsets in the page editor. For instance, if you had 3 tabs in your page editor, currently they all have to be loaded when you go to edit a page. With the latest update in PW, it's now feasible that we could load those tabs dynamically when you click on them. This means potential for increased performance in the page editor, particularly in situations where you are editing a page with a lot of fields, and might isolate the less-often edited fields to tabs other than the default "content" tab.

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