The latest news and updates from ProcessWire

New Site Profiles, Site Exporter and more… 27 August 2014
The ProcessWire installer now lets you choose a site profile. New site profile exporter is far better than the previous. Support for append/prepend files on a per-template basis

Hanna Code Editor Upgrades 26 August 2014
The Hanna Code editor now supports a lot more Ace Editor features that you may find helps a lot when working with Hanna Codes.

August 2014 Core Updates #4 22 August 2014
New database backup capability in the core, a new database backup module, and smarter Process modules.

August 2014 Core Updates #3 19 August 2014
ProcessWire 2.5 testing, new template import/export functions, change to how input fields collapse, more CKEditor upgrades, and new download capabilities in WireHttp class.

August 2014 Core Updates #2 12 August 2014
CKEditor updates, how to install a CKEditor plugin, new module installation options and more!

August 2014 Core Updates #1 4 August 2014
Field export/import and session namespaces.

July 2014 Core Updates 27 July 2014
Switch to CKEditor, new default site profile and API additions.

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