The latest news and updates from ProcessWire

ProcessWire 2.5.2 and more 27 September 2014
ProcessWire 2.5.2 pushed to master. New beginner version of default site profile. New wireRenderFile() and wireIncludeFile() functions. Recent pages in your admin navigation.

ProcessWire 2.5 Changelog 26 September 2014
There have been a few changes and additions.

ProcessWire 2.5.1 updates 20 September 2014
With 2.5 released last week, we focused this week on tweaking some details with admin navigation. Included are details on what’s been added, as well as documentation for how to expose navigation to admin themes with your Process modules.

More Language Updates 2 September 2014
ProcessWire now comes with a multi-language site profile. Plus, language translation files are now split by site and wire (core).

Language Translation Updates 28 August 2014
ProcessWire now finds all the translation files for you, and you can now create and download language pack ZIP files.

New Site Profiles, Site Exporter and more… 27 August 2014
The ProcessWire installer now lets you choose a site profile. New site profile exporter is far better than the previous. Support for append/prepend files on a per-template basis

Hanna Code Editor Upgrades 26 August 2014
The Hanna Code editor now supports a lot more Ace Editor features that you may find helps a lot when working with Hanna Codes.

August 2014 Core Updates #4 22 August 2014
New database backup capability in the core, a new database backup module, and smarter Process modules.

August 2014 Core Updates #3 19 August 2014
ProcessWire 2.5 testing, new template import/export functions, change to how input fields collapse, more CKEditor upgrades, and new download capabilities in WireHttp class.

August 2014 Core Updates #2 12 August 2014
CKEditor updates, how to install a CKEditor plugin, new module installation options and more!

August 2014 Core Updates #1 4 August 2014
Field export/import and session namespaces.

July 2014 Core Updates 27 July 2014
Switch to CKEditor, new default site profile and API additions.

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