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ProcessWire 3.0.4: Repeaters Revisited + Preview of ProFields Matrix 8 January 2016
This week is all about repeaters, something that we didn’t cover on the roadmap last week–we always like to save a few surprises to keep things interesting. We’ve also got a preview of the new Repeater Matrix field coming soon to the ProFields package.

Happy New Year! Here’s a roadmap for ProcessWire in 2016 1 January 2016
In this post we take a look at all that is planned for ProcessWire in 2016. This includes plans for the core (3.x and 2.x), plans for the Pro modules, and big picture goals for the entire ProcessWire project!

Merry Christmas! Here's ProcessWire 3.0.3 and 2.7.3, and some more! 25 December 2015
Today we’ve got some nice upgrades to the comments manager, two new ProcessWire versions (3.0.3 and 2.7.3), plus a great tutorial from LostKobrakai.

A preview of coming attractions to ProcessWire’s image fields 18 December 2015
This week we have a guest post from Tom Reno (renobird) showing us some redesign work he is doing for our images field in ProcessWire.

ProcessWire 2.7.2 master and 3.0.2 devns 11 December 2015
This week we don’t have any major new features to introduce to you, but we do have two new ProcessWire versions! Plus we have a look at what’s coming in the weeks ahead.

Front-end editing now in ProcessWire 3.0 alpha-4 4 December 2015
This week we’ve got front-end editing now available for download and testing in version 3.0.1, aka alpha-4. We’ve also taken them quite a bit farther than what was introduced last week, and this post will be focused on covering all that you can do with it and how to use them.

Three new ProcessWire versions + a couple of surprises 27 November 2015
This week we’ve got ProcessWire 2.7.1 master, 2.7.2 dev and 3.0 alpha-3. Also read on for some surprises with regards to 3.0 that you don’t want to miss.

ProcessWire 2.7.1 dev + coding style guide 20 November 2015
This week we bring you ProcessWire 2.7.1 dev and introduce the new ProcessWire PHP coding style guide!

ProcessWire 2.7 is here! 13 November 2015
Today we’re proud to announce that ProcessWire 2.7 is officially released! This replaces the previous 2.6.1 as the new master/stable version. After 22 weekly versions on the dev branch, ProcessWire 2.7 is solid and ready. This post also covers what we’ll be working on next.

ProcessWire 2.6.23 (2.7 rc2), translation features, license discussion 6 November 2015
This week we released ProcessWire 2.6.23 (2.7 rc2) which includes many tweaks, PRs and some nice new language translation features. This post also has discussion of a more open license for ProcessWire, and a heads-up for those using Microsoft hosted email.

ProcessWire 3.0 (alpha 2) and 2.6.22 (rc1) 30 October 2015
This week we bring you two new versions of ProcessWire: 3.0 alpha-2 and 2.6.22 rc1. In this post we discuss the new module and template compiler options built into ProcessWire 3.x.

ProcessWire 2.6.21 upgrades comments + more on PW 3.x 23 October 2015
This week ProcessWire 2.6.21 introduces a new star rating system to the comments field. See it in action here. 2.6.21 also includes several fixes in preparation for 2.7. This post also covers some more details on ProcessWire 3.x.

ProcessWire 2.6.20 and surprise: ProcessWire 3.0 alpha 1 16 October 2015
Dev version 2.6.20 continues working towards 2.7. Plus a special preview alpha release of ProcessWire 3.0 and lots of discussion about it.

Padloper brings eCommerce to ProcessWire 9 October 2015
This week Antti writes about the Padloper - commercial eCommerce platform for ProcessWire.

ProcessWire 2.6.19 plus guide to optional core modules 2 October 2015
ProcessWire 2.6.19 contains numerous updates working towards PW 2.7. This post also contains a comprehensive overview of optional (uninstalled) core modules, some of which you may want to install!

ProcessWire 2.6.18 updates, pagination and SEO 25 September 2015
ProcessWire 2.6.18 is full of fixes in preparation for PW 2.7 stable, plus a couple of new things you might like. But the meat of this post is about pagination in ProcessWire, SEO best practices for pagination, and more.

Introducing IftRunner and the story behind it 18 September 2015
This week we have guest post by Antti Peisa from Avoine, discussing about ProcessWire sponsoring and product development on top of ProcessWire.

ProcessWire 2.6.17 expands admin navigation with bookmarks 10 September 2015
You can now create bookmark navigation to edit, list, add or find any page(s) in the admin! Lots of details with screenshots and more.

ProcessWire 2.6.16 core updates + ProDrafts Q&A 4 September 2015
ProcessWire 2.6.16 brings a new published property to all pages, adds support for custom labels with Page fields, and more. This post also has a Q&A section for the upcoming ProDrafts module.

ProcessWire 2.6.15 makes the permissions system a whole lot better 28 August 2015
The focus of this week has been on ProcessWire’s permissions system. We’ve taken what we already had, and made it simpler, more powerful, and more flexible.

ProcessWire 2.6.14 brings major enhancements to $sanitizer and $input API variables 21 August 2015
PW’s $sanitizer and $input are now a couple. Plus $sanitizer is rocking a bunch of new skills. This week also brings tweaks, fixes and new core and Pro module updates.

ProcessWire 2.6.13 and a preview of ProDrafts 14 August 2015
A preview of the upcoming ProDrafts module. Plus ProcessWire 2.6.13 with Pages "Add New" menu now sortable, dynamically loaded "Children" tab in the page editor, a new CKEditor version and more.

ProcessWire 2.6.12 core updates, updates to several Pro modules and more 7 August 2015
Continued improvements to AJAX editing in ProcessWire, plus a new Pages > Add New menu and landing page. We also have new versions of all ProFields modules, new version of ListerPro and more.

New ajax-driven inputs, conditional hooks, template family settings and more 31 July 2015
Major updates to the core dev branch this week, including system-wide support for AJAX-driven Inputfields, support for conditional hooks, some very useful updates to the Template editor, improvements to our autocomplete field, a new version of CKEditor, upgrades to AdminThemeReno and more!

New user-admin permissions, automatic version change detection, and more (2.6.10) 24 July 2015
ProcessWire 2.6.10 brings new granular support of user-admin permissions, auto-detection with cache-clearing following core version changes, improved permissions view, and support for re-labeling the page "name" field.

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