Remove entity encoded characters from a string.

Wrapper for PHP's html_entity_decode() function that contains typical ProcessWire usage defaults.

The arguments used here are identical to those for PHP’s (except $flags can be boolean true):
html_entity_decode function.

For the $flags argument, specify boolean true if you want to perform a more comprehensive entity decode than what PHP does. That will make it convert all UTF-8 entities (including decimal and hex numbered entities), and it will remove any remaining entity sequences if the could not be converted, ensuring there are no entities possible in returned value.


// basic usage
$string = $sanitizer->unentities(string $str);

// usage with all arguments
$string = $sanitizer->unentities(string $str, $flags = 3, string $encoding = 'UTF-8');



String to remove entities from

$flags (optional)int or bool

See PHP html_entity_decode function for flags, OR specify boolean true to convert all entities and remove any that cannot be converted (since 3.0.105).

$encoding (optional)string

Encoding (default="UTF-8").

Return value


String with entities removed.

See Also

$sanitizer methods and properties

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.115