Inputfield is the base class for modules that collect user input for fields.

// Create an Inputfield
$inputfield = $modules->get('InputfieldText');
$inputfield->label = 'Your Name';
$inputfield->attr('name', 'your_name');
$inputfield->attr('value', 'Roderigo');
// Add to a $form (InputfieldForm or InputfieldWrapper)

Click any linked item for full usage details and examples. Hookable methods are indicated with the icon. In addition to those shown below, the Inputfield class also inherits all the methods and properties of: WireData and Wire.

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Attribute methods

$thisAdd a class or classes to this Inputfield (or a wrapping element)
Inputfield, array, string, int, object or floatGet or set an attribute (or multiple attributes)
Inputfield::has(string $key)
boolDoes this Inputfield have the requested property or attribute?
boolDoes this Inputfield have the given class name (or names)?
boolIs this Inputfield empty? (Value attribute reflects an empty state)
Inputfield::removeAttr(string $key)
$thisRemove an attribute
Inputfield::removeClass(string $class)
$thisRemove the given class (or classes) from this Inputfield
Inputfield, string, array or nullGet or set attribute for the element wrapping this Inputfield

Attribute properties

These properties are retrieved or manipulated via the attribute methods above.

Inputfield::class string HTML 'class' attribute for the Inputfield.
Inputfield::id string HTML 'id' attribute for the Inputfield (if not yet, determined automatically).
Inputfield::name string HTML 'name' attribute for Inputfield (required).
Inputfield::value mixed HTML 'value' attribute for the Inputfield.


Inputfield::get(string $key)
mixed or nullGet a property or attribute from the Inputfield
Inputfield::getSetting(string $key)
mixedGets a setting (or API variable) from the Inputfield, while ignoring attributes.
Inputfield::has(string $key)
boolDoes this Inputfield have the requested property or attribute?
Inputfield::set(string $key, mixed $value)
Inputfield or WireDataSet a property or attribute to the Inputfield


InputfieldWrapper or nullGet this Inputfield’s parent InputfieldWrapper, or NULL if it doesn’t have one.
arrayGet array of all parents of this Inputfield.
Inputfield::setParent(InputfieldWrapper $parent)
$thisSet the parent (InputfieldWrapper) of this Inputfield.


Inputfield::description string Optional description that appears under label to provide more detailed information.
Inputfield::icon string Optional font-awesome icon name to accompany label (excluding the "fa-") part).
Inputfield::label string Primary label text that appears above the input.
Inputfield::notes string Optional notes that appear under input area to provide additional notes.


Inputfield::collapsed int Whether the field is collapsed or visible, using one of the "collapsed" constants.
Inputfield::columnWidth int Width of column for this Inputfield 10-100 percent. 0 is assumed to be 100 (default).
Inputfield::showIf string Optional conditions under which the Inputfield appears in the form (selector string).
Inputfield::skipLabel int Skip display of the label? See the "skipLabel" constants for options.


Inputfield::required int or bool Set to true (or 1) to make input required, or false (or 0) to make not required (default=0).
Inputfield::requiredIf string Optional conditions under which input is required (selector string).
Inputfield::useLanguages bool or null When multi-language support active, can be set to true to make it provide inputs for each language, where supported (default=false).


Inputfield::appendMarkup string or null Optional markup to append to the Inputfield content container.
Inputfield::contentClass string Optional class name (CSS) to apply to the InputfieldContent element
Inputfield::hasField null or Field The Field object associated with this Inputfield, or null when not applicable or not known.
Inputfield::hasFieldtype null or bool or Fieldtype The Fieldtype using this Inputfield, or boolean false when known not to have a Fieldtype, or null when not known.
Inputfield::hasPage null or Page The Page object associated with this Inputfield, or null when not applicable or not known.
Inputfield::headerClass string Optional class name (CSS) to apply to the InputfieldHeader element
Inputfield::prependMarkup string or null Optional markup to prepend to the Inputfield content container.
Inputfield::wrapClass string Optional class name (CSS) to apply to the HTML element wrapping the Inputfield.


Inputfield::entityEncode(string $str)
stringEntity encode a string with optional Markdown support.
Inputfield::entityEncodeLabel null or bool or int Set to boolean false to specifically disable entity encoding of field header/label (default=true).
Inputfield::entityEncodeText null or bool Set to boolean false to specifically disable entity encoding for other text: description, notes, etc. (default=true).
stringRender the HTML input element(s) markup, ready for insertion in an HTML form.
boolMethod called right before Inputfield markup is rendered, so that any dependencies can be loaded as well.
stringRender just the value (not input) in text/markup for presentation purposes.
Inputfield::renderValueFlags int Options that can be applied to renderValue mode, see "renderValue" constants (default=0).


Inputfield::processInput(WireInputData $input)
$thisProcess input for this Inputfield directly from the POST (or GET) variables


boolGet or set editable state for this Inputfield
Inputfield::error(string $text)
mixedRecord an error for this Inputfield
arrayReturn array of strings containing errors that occurred during input processing


Methods primarily of interest during module development.

Inputfield::getConfigAllowContext(Field $field)
arrayReturn a list of config property names allowed for fieldgroup/template context
arrayAlternative method for configuration that allows for array definition
InputfieldWrapperGet any custom configuration fields for this Inputfield
(nothing)Per the Module interface, init() is called after any configuration data has been populated to the Inputfield, but before render.
(nothing)Per the Module interface, this method is called when this Inputfield is installed
(nothing)Per the Module interface, uninstall() is called when this Inputfield is uninstalled


Inputfield::renderReadyHook(bool $renderValueMode)
(nothing)Hookable version of renderReady(), not called unless 'renderReadyHook' is hooked
mixedShortcut for getting or setting “value” attribute

Collapsed constants

Constants allowed for the Inputfield::collapsed property.

Inputfield::collapsedBlank const2Collapsed only when blank
Inputfield::collapsedBlankAjax const11Collapsed only when blank, and dynamically loaded by AJAX when opened
Inputfield::collapsedHidden const4Hidden, not rendered in the form at all
Inputfield::collapsedNever const9Never collapsed, and not collapsible
Inputfield::collapsedNo const0Not collapsed (display as "open", default)
Inputfield::collapsedNoLocked const7Not collapsed, value visible but not editable
Inputfield::collapsedPopulated const5Collapsed only when populated
Inputfield::collapsedYes const1Collapsed unless opened
Inputfield::collapsedYesAjax const10Collapsed and dynamically loaded by AJAX when opened
Inputfield::collapsedYesLocked const8Collapsed unless opened (value becomes visible but not editable)

SkipLabel constants

Constants allowed for the Inputfield::skipLabel property.

Inputfield::skipLabelBlank const4Skip rendering of the label when it is blank
Inputfield::skipLabelFor consttrueDon't use a "for" attribute with the <label>
Inputfield::skipLabelHeader const2Don't use a label header element at all (basically, skip the label)
Inputfield::skipLabelNo constfalseDon't skip the label (default)

TextFormat constants

Constants for formats allowed in description, notes, label.

Inputfield::textFormatBasic const4Only allow basic/inline markdown, and no HTML (default)
Inputfield::textFormatMarkdown const8Full markdown support with HTML also allowed
Inputfield::textFormatNone const2Plain text: no type of markdown or HTML allowed

RenderValue constants

Options for Inputfield::renderValueFlags property, applicable Inputfield::renderValue() method call.

Inputfield::renderValueFirst const8If there are multiple items, only render the first (where supported by the Inputfield).
Inputfield::renderValueMinimal const2Render only the minimum output when in "renderValue" mode.
Inputfield::renderValueNoWrap const4Indicates a parent InputfieldWrapper is not required when rendering value.

Additional methods and properties

In addition to the methods and properties above, Inputfield also inherits the methods and properties of these classes:

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.97