Multi-language page names (URLs) and multi-language text fields make developing a multilingual site as easy as developing a single language site. 

ProcessWire's multi-language support includes a full gettext-style translation system, but with the translation tools built into the CMS, and without actually using gettext. You can also install (or create) alternate language packs for the admin side of ProcessWire. 

Multi-language support is installed with core modules available in the admin: Modules > Language > Language Support (in ProcessWire 2.2 or newer). If you just want to install alternate language packs, then all you need is the base Language Support module. If you want to support multi-language fields in your own site, then you should also install the Language Support Fields module. As of ProcessWire 2.3.2 and newer, we also recommend installing Language Support Page Names

Multi-language support in ProcessWire requires version 2.2 or newer. Multi-language support with multilingual URLs requires ProcessWire 2.3.2 or newer. If you are developing a multi-language site, we encourage you to use the newest version of ProcessWire possible, as new capabilities are always being added in this area.

Using multiple language support


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