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  • Filmdagbok

    Personal Norwegian movie blog. With extensive actor, director and writer directory. Also listings by country, tag, genre, rating and media type. Made with ProcessWire and Uikit.

    Made by: Asbjørn Ness Categories: Blog Date Added: 2017/01/30

  • Allevamento Pastore Tedesco Di Casa Falcone
    Allevamento Pastore Tedesco Di Casa Falcone

    Allevamento di Casa Falcone is a german shepherd dog farm from Italy.

    Made by: Giovanni Mariano Date Added: 2017/01/30

  • Bandringa schilders
    Bandringa schilders

    Bandringa Schilders is a painting company in the Netherlands.

    Made by: Project90 Categories: Construction Date Added: 2017/01/30

  • Puri Oka Beach Bungalows Candidasa
    Puri Oka Beach Bungalows Candidasa

    Puri Oka Beach Bungalows for a true taste of Bali. Nestled in a fishing village where the mountains meet the sea are the Puri Oka Beach Bungalows, located directly on the ocean we offer a different range of accommodation to suit all individual needs and budgets.

    Made by: Sudigital Categories: Travel and Vacation, Restaurants, Hotel Date Added: 2017/01/30

  • Zaehringen Attorneys
    Zaehringen Attorneys

    Responsive Lawyer Website, Fribourg, Switzerland, clean, reduced to the essentials. Multilingual: german, english, french and turkish.

    Made by: A. Lieberherr - B. Künzle Categories: Business to Consumer, Corporate, Multi-language, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/01/30

  • Fotomediale

    The Fotomediale is a annual festival of photography for children’s and youth photography in Freiburg, Germany. This small website provides information about the festival and its workshops.

    Made by: designconcepts GmbH Categories: Events, Photography, Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/01/20

  • iLötscher

    PW website for a Swiss informatics company, based in Zürich, that works exclusively with apple devices and networks.

    Made by: ED Design Categories: Business to Business, Science and Technology Date Added: 2017/01/13

  • DrydenWire

    A Wisconsin news website requiring media-rich, but low-bandwidth capabilities. ProcessWire has been a dream for the project! Currently 175,856 Page Views/month!

    Made by: Brian Scramlin | Nerd Specs Creative Categories: Media Date Added: 2017/01/13

  • Projectweb Media Solutions
    Projectweb Media Solutions

    Projectweb is a creative studio and web agency based in Belgium and has a strong focus on the real estate business.

    Made by: Projectweb Categories: Media, Web Application, Responsive Design, Design Industry Date Added: 2017/01/13

  • Photovalley

    Photovalley.de is the homepage of german amateur photographer Micha Beierl.

    Made by: Micha Beierl Categories: Photography, Portfolio, Arts Date Added: 2017/01/13