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  • David Del Tredici, composer
    David Del Tredici, composer

    Website for composer David Del Tredici, featuring detailed works lists and pages, news, events, audio, video and images.

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  • Composers Conference
    Composers Conference

    The Composers Conference, guided for nearly 50 years by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Mario Davidovsky, offers a unique opportunity for emerging composers, professional musicians, amateur chamber players, and conservatory-level instrumentalists and singers to come together as colleagues, audience, teachers and students in an atmosphere of fertile creativity and concentrated, high-level music making.

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  • Karhurock 2018
    Karhurock 2018

    Finnish Music Event organized by PKO.

    Made by: Tuspe, Molentum, PKO Categories: Events, Entertainment, Music Industry, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/02/16

  • Tommi Soidinmäki
    Tommi Soidinmäki

    Tommi Matti Kristian Soidinmäki is a Finnish singer.

    Made by: Timo Anttila Categories: Music Industry, Entertainment, Portfolio Date Added: 2017/05/02

  • Elliott Carter, Composer
    Elliott Carter, Composer

    COMPOSER ELLIOTT CARTER (December 11, 1908 - November 5, 2012) is internationally recognized as one of the most influential American voices in classical music, and a leading figure of modernism in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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  • Deine Lakaien
    Deine Lakaien

    Band website for the German electronic avant-garde band DEINE LAKAIEN. Main audience: media and new listeners. Modern dark themed, fully responsive, multilingual.

    Made by: TBA-Berlin Categories: Arts, Music Industry, Entertainment, Multi-language, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/10/07

  • Concerto Copenhagen
    Concerto Copenhagen

    As Scandinavia’s leading Early Music ensemble, Concerto Copenhagen’s performances are world-renowned. This multilingual, responsive site employs a card-based design and features a full concert schedule, embedded video and audio clips, musician bios, the orchestra’s complete discography, photo galleries, and a blog.

    Made by: Core Five Creative Categories: Arts, Entertainment, Multi-language, Music Industry, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/07/29

  • Chrom Records
    Chrom Records

    This is a website about a label I had in the past. After a long pause it was time to set the former label website up again (with a new look) by popular demand. The whole site was set up in less than 2 months in my spare time: setting up everything, creating templates and loading the data page by page. 2 languages (with a main emphasis on German) and everything’s fully responsive. Thanks to Processwire and UIkit no problem. Ryan, thank you for this wonderful CMS.

    Made by: Carl Erling, TBA Categories: Arts, Music Industry, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/01/26

  • Eric Huebner, Pianist
    Eric Huebner, Pianist

    Pianist Eric Huebner has drawn worldwide acclaim for his performances of new and traditional music since making his debut with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at age 17.

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  • Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music
    Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music

    Established by composer/pianist Dina Koston, who named the fund after her husband, psychiatrist Roger Shapiro, the Roger Shapiro Fund is a new fund for commissioning, performance and recording of New Music.

    Made by: Macrura Categories: Arts, Blog, Education, Events, Music Industry, Non-profits Date Added: 2016/01/26