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  • Kattaa Karjalan
    Kattaa Karjalan

    Kattaa Karjalan (Covering Karelia) is a website that presents PKO’s restaurants, events and hotels. All content will be updated automatically.

    Made by: Timo Anttila, Molentum Oy, PKO Categories: Entertainment, Events, Restaurants, Food and Drink, Hotel, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/11/30

  • All Points East
    All Points East

    Website for All Points East, a music festival held over two weekends once a year in London’s Victoria Park.

    Made by: Human After All Categories: Events Date Added: 2018/11/09

  • Meatspace

    Catalogue of unique venues for business or private events with direct and quick booking.

    Categories: Business to Business, Directory, Events Date Added: 2018/11/02

  • SCAR COMNAP 2020
    SCAR COMNAP 2020

    This is an information site for the SCAR Open Science Conference and SCAR Delegates Meeting taking place in 2020. The registration and schedule side of things will be looked after by the conference organiser, but this site will serve as an information point prior to the conference, and an archive of the proceedings once the conference is over.

    Made by: Australian Antarctic Division Categories: Government, Events, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/11/02

  • sogar theater
    sogar theater

    "sogar" is a theater for literature in Zurich, Switzerland. Its website contains a dynamic program of the plays, a reservation system, and a fancy (also dynamic) homepage.

    Made by: Hauser, Schwarz Categories: Entertainment, Events, Corporate Date Added: 2018/09/14

  • ICF Conference 2019 – Fearless
    ICF Conference 2019 – Fearless

    A fearless design powered by a lean setup – ProcessWire for easy content management and a slick SPA frontend based on Vue.js, Quasar and a heavily customized Uikit theme. Some highlights of the new ICF Conference website: Completely decoupled backend and frontend; Custom design based on Uikit frontend framework; Changing of languages happens instantly, no page-reload required; Easy content updates thanks to ProcessWire; All data is transferred using a single request returning custom JSON using a new Module (PageQueryBoss).

    Made by: Noël Bossart Categories: Arts, Corporate, Entertainment, Events, Multi-language, Non-profits, Religion, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/07/13

  • Karhurock 2018
    Karhurock 2018

    Finnish Music Event organized by PKO.

    Made by: Tuspe, Molentum, PKO Categories: Events, Entertainment, Music Industry, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/02/16

  • Stella Polaris
    Stella Polaris

    Stella Polaris is an improvisation theater in Helsinki, founded in 1990. Training activities include regular beginners classes, advanced courses and interaction, performance and improvisation training for communities, businesses and schools.

    Made by: Tuspe, Hurry Oy, Molentum Oy Categories: Events, Entertainment, Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/02/16

  • Schulfrei Festival 2018
    Schulfrei Festival 2018

    Announcing site for an Festival in Germany.

    Made by: Juri Wolf Categories: Events, Non-profits Date Added: 2018/02/09

  • Captiva Power
    Captiva Power

    High Quality Power since 1995! CAPTIVA GmbH was founded in 1995 and began selling graphics cards under its own CAPTIVA® label. Meanwhile, their portfolio includes modern Tablet PCs in a large selection with the right accessories, individually configurable PCs with extremely high quality standards and external hard drives. Since 2007, CAPTIVA® has been manufacturing complete PCs in the so-called built-to-order (BTO) process. Captiva builds your new PC exactly according to your requirements and wishes.

    Made by: Maximilian Ehrhardt Categories: Responsive Design, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Events, Science and Technology Date Added: 2017/12/08