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  • Universitas Harapan Bangsa
    Universitas Harapan Bangsa

    Harapan Bangsa University (Formerly STIKES Harapan Bangsa Purwokerto) Located in Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia. Faculty of Health, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social

    Made by: Hari Wicaksono, S.Kom Categories: Education Date Added: 2018/11/09


    UDELAS (University of the Americas) is a web portal dedicated to university education, its core is made in processwire, with friendly design and navigability.

    Made by: ISTIWEB Categories: Education Date Added: 2018/09/14

  • Musikschule Neumünster
    Musikschule Neumünster

    The custom-made website of Musikschule Neumünster. Designed and built from ground up to give it its highly individual design and funtionality.

    Made by: Muskaat Categories: Education, Arts Date Added: 2018/07/13

  • Stefanie Ruck
    Stefanie Ruck

    Website of german voice coach and singer Stefanie Ruck.

    Made by: Andreas Tofahrn and Categories: Education, Entertainment Date Added: 2018/05/25

  • Bedrohte Ordnungen
    Bedrohte Ordnungen

    Social crises existed in antiquity as well as today. Societies are changing and new things are emerging. The Threatened Orders research project shows how changes occur according to patterns and how people deal with the threats.

    Made by: DITHO Categories: Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2018/04/27

  • Composers Conference
    Composers Conference

    The Composers Conference, guided for nearly 50 years by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Mario Davidovsky, offers a unique opportunity for emerging composers, professional musicians, amateur chamber players, and conservatory-level instrumentalists and singers to come together as colleagues, audience, teachers and students in an atmosphere of fertile creativity and concentrated, high-level music making.

    Made by: Macrura ( Categories: Arts, Music Industry, Education Date Added: 2018/04/20

  • Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana
    Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana

    Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana are two museums of contemporary art located in two of the most representative buildings in Venice. These museums have been restored and set up by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando and they alternate collective and monographic exhibitions.

    Made by: Basilico Srl Categories: Museum, Arts, Education Date Added: 2018/04/20

  • Educakids

    A site from a early education pedagogical gym in Neiva - Colombia

    Made by: JoZ3.69 Categories: Education Date Added: 2018/03/23

  • Berliner Mauer Fotos
    Berliner Mauer Fotos

    Pictures from the Berlin Wall presented by the "Stiftung Berliner Mauer": Search, browse and display over 200 photographies from the Berlin Wall of Berlin. All images and texts are free to use under CC-License.

    Made by: cbc|design, Berlin Categories: Photography, Museum, Education, Maps and Geography, Non-profits, Media Date Added: 2018/03/02

  • Merpati Putih Australia Fitness & Health
    Merpati Putih Australia Fitness & Health

    Merpati Putih Australia the ancient Indonesian Martial Arts school provides fitness & health, inner-power development, traditional martial arts and women’s self-defence. This website used by the student for check-in to the class and tracks their exercises progress report.

    Made by: Monchu Categories: Health and Fitness, Education, Web Application Date Added: 2018/03/02