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  • Fotomediale

    The Fotomediale is a annual festival of photography for children’s and youth photography in Freiburg, Germany. This small website provides information about the festival and its workshops.

    Made by: designconcepts GmbH Categories: Events, Photography, Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2017/01/20

  • Step up!
    Step up!

    Step up! is a non-profit organization based in Hamburg, Germany, dedicated to support students with a scholarship. Including a professional career counseling session, a job application coaching and access to a wide network of professionals, the scholarship helps students in finding their individual career path.

    Made by: Nils Wiere Categories: Non-profits, Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/11/18

  • JSLN Dance Company
    JSLN Dance Company

    JSLN Dance Company - International dance company located in Augsburg, Germany. There we have accommodation and studio and offer daily, professional classes as well as workshops and a scholar program.

    Made by: NAFDESIGN - Niels-Anders Fink Categories: Arts, Events, Education, Hotel, Multi-language, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/10/28

  • Institut des Métiers de la Musique - IMM
    Institut des Métiers de la Musique - IMM

    We provide a specialized training for working into business music.

    Categories: Education Date Added: 2016/10/14


    A cooking school offering classes and events for adults and children. Based in Solingen, Germany.

    Made by: Martin Melcher Categories: Food and Drink, Education Date Added: 2016/09/30

  • Liberation IS
    Liberation IS

    Website that accompanies the book “Liberation IS: The End of the Spiritual Path” by Salvadore Poe. Includes blog, videos, articles and more. Uses the ProCache, FormBuilder and TextformatterVideoEmbed modules.

    Made by: Salvadore Poe Categories: Blog, Education, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/09/20

  • Craigclowan Prep School
    Craigclowan Prep School

    This client had a requirement for a mobile friendly website to display their school actvities and a private log in area for parents. We developed a content management system website using Processwire.

    Made by: Broxden limited Categories: Education Date Added: 2016/09/07

  • OkuldanEve - Boğaziçililerden Özel Ders ve Eğitim Koçluğu
    OkuldanEve - Boğaziçililerden Özel Ders ve Eğitim Koçluğu

    In Istanbul, we simply serve for the highschool students. We have the best tutors in Turkey in order to preapare them to exams from Bo?aziçi University.

    Categories: Education Date Added: 2016/09/01

  • Mexired Cursos
    Mexired Cursos

    Internet Marketing training in Mexico and Latin America. In person and online courses.

    Made by: Galaxia de Información Categories: Education, Business to Business Date Added: 2016/08/19

  • Liberation Unleashed
    Liberation Unleashed

    A global movement dedicated to helping you to free your mind from the illusion of separate self.

    Made by: Liberation Unleashed Categories: Multi-language, Responsive Design, Non-profits, Education Date Added: 2016/08/04