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  • Charlotte Chesnais
    Charlotte Chesnais

    Website and webshop for Paris based jewellery designer Charlotte Chesnais, contains some nice masking animations. Built using ProcessWire as a headless CMS and an Ember.js application that consumes a JSON API, has a built-in shop that uses FoxyCart.

    Made by: Eerens+Gadiot Categories: E-commerce, Business to Consumer, Design Industry Date Added: 2017/01/06

  • Appartements Hanseatic Sylt
    Appartements Hanseatic Sylt

    Main target group: German SeniorsWebsite is fully responsive, uses UIKIT and the PRO modules, Table, ProCache, FormBuilder… and, yes, I admit: the good ol’ tacky snowfall animation during Christmas.

    Made by: TBA Berlin Categories: Business to Consumer, Responsive Design, Hotel Date Added: 2016/12/30

  • Rezepte mit Herz Magazin
    Rezepte mit Herz Magazin

    It’s more of a web application than just a website. Lots of code under the hood.It has a flip-book catalogue (see "Magazin"), it is collecting subscriptions and individual orders and forwarding them condensed in daily reports to the distributor as csv files according to their guidelines. And there are cron controlled scheduled drawings with an automatic selection of the winners, and more… Heavily relies on/and extends the FormBuilder PRO module.

    Made by: TBA Berlin Categories: Business to Consumer, Food and Drink, Responsive Design Date Added: 2016/12/30

  • onlinepuls

    We are a digital nomad web agency. Currently working from Thailand. Our Homebase is in Berlin, Germany. We are strong in building user friendly eCommerce Websites. We love Shopware.

    Made by: onlinepuls GbR Categories: E-commerce, Corporate, Business to Business, Responsive Design, Business to Consumer Date Added: 2016/12/23

  • Ateliers Fromagers
    Ateliers Fromagers

    Les Ateliers Fromagers are workshops to learn how to make your homemade cheese with a real cheesemaker. We are located in Montreal, QC - Canada.Our main goal is that you can acquire techniques to make the cheese at home easily, enjoyably, with your own kitchen equipment.

    Made by: Sylvain Puccini Categories: Events, Multi-language, E-commerce, Food and Drink, Business to Consumer Date Added: 2016/12/09

  • EIZO ColorEdge — Living, breathing colour
    EIZO ColorEdge — Living, breathing colour

    Microsite to advertise the EIZO ColorEdge brand.

    Made by: Peter & Paul Categories: Business to Consumer, Business to Business, Arts, Design Industry Date Added: 2016/12/09

  • BrownHen Solutions
    BrownHen Solutions

    BrownHen is a technology integrator based in Bath, UK. Their business is agile and their skill base is wide. Website developed by

    Made by: Presto Web Design Categories: Business to Consumer, Engineering, Responsive Design, Entertainment Date Added: 2016/11/23

  • Kras-nepremicnine real estate
    Kras-nepremicnine real estate

    Real estate webpage. Bootstrap + real estate google map.

    Made by: A.migo Categories: Business to Consumer, Real Estate Date Added: 2016/10/28

  • Chipley, Florida Gun & Pawn
    Chipley, Florida Gun & Pawn

    A responsive site built with Zurb Foundation 5. The site uses ProcessWire to allow the merchant, and his employees, to easily create new product categories and list new items for sale in the shop. The site also includes information for the public regarding the business, firearm purchases, how pawn shops really operate, debunking pawn shop myths and more. The logo was also designed for this client.

    Made by: John Warren, LLC Categories: Business to Consumer Date Added: 2016/10/21

  • Die Höhle der Löwen Produkte
    Die Höhle der Löwen Produkte

    The cave of the lions is the successful TV format. Here you will find all DHDL products for sale as well as deals and investors in the overview. The site is growing weekly and presents the new products from the German TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen".

    Made by: FlipZoom Media Inc - David Karich Categories: E-commerce, Business to Consumer Date Added: 2016/10/21